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Kuvings Silent Juicer

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Kuvings Silent Juicer


Low speed extraction system to squeeze whole part of fruits and vegetables. By single Auger (Patented New Technology – Juicer Module Comprising System) -Low speed extraction system gives no impact nor friction heat to the materials which enables to extract natural nutrition from the materials in the operation and provide natural colored fresh juice without making a noise. It avoids to accelerate oxidation of enzymes and vitamins decreasing the nutritional value of the juice by high speed which causes the juice to get in contact with lots of air.


  1. Low speed masticating juicer
  2. Quiet operation
  3. Patented rotating brush


  • Rich nutrition & enzyme
  • Low speed squeezing extraction preserves essential nutrition ingredients & enzymes from shredding by friction heat
  • Fresh flavor natural fragrance
  • Slow speed motor reduces noise
  • No separation layer (Less oxidization)
  • Natural juice of fruits & vegetables, soybean juice, tofu, smoothie
  • Powerful motor & big auger allows higher juice yield


Kuvings silent juicer has its own patented technology. The juicer is equipped with a powerful motor which provides a quiet and calm environment. The Kuvings silent juicer extracts nutritious juice instead of grinding, to retain all the nutrients and enzymes for a healthier, natural juice every time.