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Food Mixer (016)

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[NUC Electronics Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information
  • Highly efficient strong motor.
    Due to the highly efficient strong motor , this products can y blend, mince and grind the various materials.
  • Multiple functions.
    This is used in wide and various range of functions. Such as making fresh juice, crushing, mincing, mixing, making iced water, making bean curd, etc.
  • Triple safety system
    This is equipped with triple safety system, so when the cover is opened or the container is separated from body. It will be stopped by sensor.
  • Easy to clean.
    This is designed to separate the container from body, so it is easy to clean and sanitary.
  • Elegant design.
    This is designed elegantly, so it would be well suitable for anywhere in your kitchen.

  1. Fresh juice.
    Make pure fresh juice with fruits, carrot, cucumber and any rooted vegetables. This separate liquid and fibroid with magic grater.
  2. Blending.
    Cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces and blend with liquid materials, It would be like soft drink.
  3. Crushing.
    Grind dried material to make powder.
  4. Mincing.
    Mince, chop, and mix various materials.