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Juice Extractor(G-1500 QMA)

Product Detail Information
  1. Form-screw type.
    Designed by using the principle of the millstone mode, 3- dimensional to get rid of metallic particle problems as well as excellent ability to squeeze juice.

  2. Simplified structure of this products provides you easy assembling and disassembling and less troubles (break down) as well as much conveniences.

  3. Minimized particles make the juice fresh.
    Worm screw revolution in low speed makes the vegetables into minimized particles. Its low revolution decreases the destroy of nourishment contained in vegetables and make the juice fresh.

  4. 4.Using simple apparatus provide multiple functions.
    Their multiful functions ; squeezing vegetables, fruits, pine-needles and mincing meats, perform excellent roll of cook in your kitchen.

  5. After using the products, easy cleaning guarantees of hygienic life style to you.

  6. 6. The materials used in this products were approved by F.D.A as harmless to human body.